All Hail to Hail!

Frozen pellets that fall in a thunderstorm. Hail 2 : when one calls out to get notice of another! We call out your attention (hail you) to the phenomena of hail. Typically hailstones are no more than pea sized, but in certain circumstances can be as big as softballs. One gigantic stone was measured at 9 inches in diameter and weighed a pound. Hit with one of these monsters could ruin your head! Hail starts as a raindrop in a thundercloud, freezes as it falls through a layer of cold air, is uplifted by strong gusts of air in the storm where more rain water accumulates on the frozen pellet. The more severe the storm the stronger the updraft winds and the larger the hail stone. How do you study something that starts to melt as soon as it hits the ground?

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