Ozone Hole!

We need oxygen to breathe. Everybody knows that! 02 or two atoms of oxygen is the way we get oxygen in the air. Oxygen also comes in the 03 variety or three atoms of oxygen that are connected together. This is ozone. Ozone is much rarer and is made when electrical discharges in the atmosphere supercharge the oxygen(O2) to produce this molecule (O3). This is all great information—but why do we care? The small amount of ozone that is made naturally drifts to the upper atmosphere and protects us from dangerous radiation from the sun. The ozone forms a barrier. In recent decades, humans have released other gases into the atmosphere that gobble-up the ozone leaving holes. Without ozone, sunlight can kill!

See and read about this at: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/largest-arctic-ozone-hole-ever-measured-hovering-over-north-pole

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