Pollen Solve Crimes!

Experts can tell what species of plant that is in the environment by the shape of pollen or the spore that it produces. Pollen and spores are so tiny we can’t see them without a microscope. They often have a bristly surface that allows them to stick to clothing or skin. A criminal doesn’t realize that a pollen detective can scan a suspect’s clothes, identify the pollen, and then give the locale that the person has visited. Many a suspect has been prosecuted with the help of pollen data. Pollen survives a long time, so archaeologists can also use it to determine mysteries of the past. Do you like mysteries? Do you like microscopes? Maybe a pollen detective is the career for you! See and read more at: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/nature-life-death-book-spotlights-pollen-role-solving-crimes


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