Springtails and Streptomyces

Have you ever peered closely at soil—especially under a rotting pile of leaves?If you have you would have seen hundreds of tiny white hoppers called Collembola. They live in these spaces because their food, bacteria and fungi, grow in the organic matter in the soil. The sense you get when you smell soil is a byproduct of some bacteria such as Streptomyces. These bacteria produce a special chemical attractant that lures to springtails to where they are growing. Why would the bacteria lure an insect into eat them? It is a winning strategy for the bacteria in the long game because the springtail picks up bacterial spores and moves them to wherever they jump next—and springtails can really jump!

See and read more at: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/soil-bacteria-springtails-spore-growth

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