Unrecognized Brilliance

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

If you were a woman in science before the modern era, you were at an extreme disadvantage. If you were a Jewish scientist in war-torn Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s, you escaped to a neutral country or were killed. Lise Meitner had both of these strikes against her. Despite all of this, in 1939 her resilience led to the discovery of the true nature of nuclear fission. She wrote how uranium would split into two smaller elements when bombarded with neutrons, before any other physicist had the idea. She planned an experiment to prove that theory. She then asked a colleague, Otto Hahn, to complete her plan as she was unable to while she hid for her life in a neutral country. It turns out that he got the Nobel Prize in 1939, not Meitner. See and read more at: https://curiosity.com/topics/lise-meitner-is-the-forgotten-female-physicist-who-deserved-a-nobel-prize-curiosity

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