We’re all Head Bangers!

When heavy metal bands are pounding out the beat we see fans with heads bobbing violently in the crowd. The same thing happens to people at a classics concert--even though you can’t see it! You may not want to move to the music, but your body automatically does. Researchers tested volunteers in an experiment to see if their heads moved in any way in response to music. Subjects were fitted with sensors on the head and instructed to stand motionless while different music was played. In all respondents, the head nodded with the beat—more so when the music had distinct, repeating percussion. This micro-motion was only perceptible with the sensors—the subjects though they were motionless. It turns out, head banging is just what human do naturally! See and read more at: https://sciworthy.com/music-makes-our-body-move-unawares/


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