Explore wind energy affordably and easily. This kit allows young scientists to test a variety of blade designs, generate electricity (0.5 _3 V range), and lift weights. The Basic Wind Experiment Kit has all the materials you need to get started understanding wind power. Great for classrooms, as well as individual science fair projects.


Currently we have: 4 Basic Wind Turbine Kits, Wind Turbine Generator with Wires, Weightlifter, Nacelle Parts Wind Turbine Hubs, Power Output Board, 3 Tower Base Legs, Tower Base, Locking Ring, Tower Base, Hub Plastic, Weightlifer, Bucket, PVC Coupler, Blade, Pitch Protractor, Wood Tower, 25 1/2_ Washer, 1_ x 3_ HDPE, PVC Elbow, 25 Dowels, Power Output Pack, 5 Balsa Wood Sheets, 10 Chipboard, Blade Sheet, String, Instruction Manual, 3 Advanced Wind Turbine Kits (includes all the items in the Basic kit and the items below) Gear Set with Spool, High Torque Generator with Wires, 2 Motor Mount Packs, 2 Main Body Halves, 250 mo Graduated Cylinder, Small Water Pump, Clear Tubing, Instruction Manual. 

Basic & Advanced Wind Turbine kit

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