Brackitz Structures is an educational construction kit designed specifically for the classroom supporting up to 4-6 students at one time. Students can design and build an endless variety of structures, from skyscrapers to submarines, dinosaurs to storybook characters using the kit's multi-use planks, rotating pieces and connecting hubs. Even the youngest learners can build and explore shapes, objects and structures with Brackitz. A reusable storage bin keeps all the pieces together.


From simple to complex, small scale to larger-than-life, gravity-defying, 3D structures, Brackitz award-winning family of construction toys puts real-life art, math, science, architectural, and engineering principles into play.


Intentionally open-ended toys, Brackitz encourages imagination, unrestricted by step-by-step instructions. Students of all ages can design and build giant animals, machines that spin, explore space or fly through the air with this building blocks set. The possibilities truly are endless.

Brackitz Structures

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