Activities include modeling the water cycle and producing rain, analyzing soil components and investigating interactions with water, running water through a stream table to observe changes in land, and land formations in stream tables.


Included are: 8 Black China Markers, Red and Blue Dots. Bottle, Brush, 1 gal Plastic Pail, 8 Chopsticks, 4 quart bag of Carolina Clay, Clear plastic box with drain hole and lid, 8, 9 oz Plastic cups, 250 Craft Sticks, 5 in Plastic Funnel, 1 Liter Graduated Beaker, 32 1 oz Graduate Cups, 40 Plastic Graduated Cylinders, 5 lb Bag of Aqua, Gravel, 16 Hand Magnifying Glasses, 11 lb Bag of Humus, 16 Straws, Large Absorbent Pad, 8 Large Rubber Bands, 1 lb Bag of Marine Sand, 10 oz Bag of Mustard Seed, 8 Permanent Markers, Land and Water Photography Pack (8 cards), Roll of Plastic Wrap, 200 ft Roll of String, Spray Bottle, 48 Plastic cm cubes, 8, 9 oz Plastic Cups with 1 hole, 8, 9 oz Plastic Cups with 3 holes, 8 Plastic Spreaders, 10 Resealable Bags, Roll of Electric Tape, Rubbermaid Ice Pack, 8 Rubber Stoppers, 10 oz Bag of Rye, Seed, 30 Self-Stick Labels, 6 Crayons, 4 Whiteboard Markers, Roll of Clear Plastic Sheeting, Small Absorbent Pads, 8 Plastic Spoons, 8 Sprinkler Heads, Ultra Velcro Hook, Strip, Ultra Velcro Loop Strip, 3 lb of White Sand.

Land and Water kit

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