Student teams create vehicles from KINEX building pieces and use them to explore effects of force, friction, and wind resistance on distance and speed. Teams work as they use washers as weights to quantify the force applied through a string to pull their vehicles, wood blocks to quantify a vehicles load, etc. Included are: Adding Machine paper roll Permanent Marker 20 Wooden Blocks 100 Jumbo Paperclips 25 Brass Eyelets 1 gal Bucket with lid 10 Circle Templates 30 Large Washers 40 Jumbo Rubber Bands 100 Regular Rubber Bands 10 Metric Measuring Tapes 10 Sheets of fine Cardboard 11 Screw Hooks Assorted Dots Colored Pencils 300 sheets of Graph Paper Small Bookend 220 Steel Washers 10 Plastic Cups 60 yd of Nylon Raided Casting Lin KINEX Building pieces 10 Timers 11 Propellors.


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Motion & Design Kit

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