This Song Bird Blues kit is a must have for teaching students about bird migration, watching, and various species of bird. Included are: My Changing Neighborhood kit Felt Story Board and Pieces Activity Guide Bird Specimen Collection Sturnella Neglecta Molothrus Ater Dendroica Coronata Passerculus Sandwichensis 3 Binoculars Bird Feathers Migratory Song Bird Kit Fact Sheets with a regional map, encyclopedia page, and 5 buttons of each bird (Rufous Humming Bird, Brown Headed Cowbird, Swainson��_s Thrush, Song Sparrow, Western Meadowlark) Cassette Tapes Song Bird Blues Bird Songs Song Bird Symphony Bird Songs VHS Finding the way Nature of Things For the Birds (English and Spanish) 32 Audubon Adventures newspapers 10 miscellaneous books including encyclopedias, bird-watching books, and kids books Branching out activity guide Teacher��_s guide and information packet Click the checkout tab to check this item out.

Song Bird Blues Kit

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