Natural Resources

Exploring Ocean Frontiers are inquiry-based and NGSS connected lessons for secondary and post-secondary educators looking to build on real-world science and delve into ocean planning and stewardship, collaborative science, marine biodiversity, ocean data portals and stakeholder engagement. 

eeResearch -- an online library of 1,000+ environental education research summaries, as well as a number of open-access articles.

The NOAA Planet Stewards Education Project
 invites formal and informal educators working with elementary through college aged students to attend monthly webinars, book club discussions, and face-to-face workshops at locations across the country. 

Oregon State University Outdoor School Science Curriculum and Planning Resources  

Oregon State University 4-H Junior Master Naturalist Program 

Project Learning Tree - online professional development. These online workshops are self-paced courses designed to prepare educators to integrate environmental education materials into their instruction. 

The River Mile -- a network of educators, students, resource managers, and scientists in the Columbia River Watershed working to understand watershed health shows the watershed for any point in the US by simply clicking on a map. It is free to use for non-profits. 


Interactive Periodic Table

American Chemistry Society -- games and home experiments for younger children; resources and tools for older children and educators

Computer Science & Coding

Made with Code -- sponsored by Google, aimed for tween/teens. 

Raspberry Pi Foundation -- videos and information to help set up clubs; online courses

Code Club International -- tools to help establish a club, aimed for ages 9-13

Hour of Code -- 1 hour tutorials


Khan Academy -- free online math courses for all ages and abilities 


Prodigy -- explore math in an interactive world, aimed for elementary school 


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